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Large silver pendant Seahorse, Artistic silver pendant, Sea jewelry, Unisex pendant, Boho style

Large silver pendant Seahorse, Artistic silver pendant, Sea jewelry, Unisex pendant, Boho style

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** Beautiful and artistic seahorse pendant made of solid sterling silver. The design of this seahorse is more artistic and personal. Our work process is always manual. There is no 3d here. From our sketches, we create the design in wax and then cast it in 925 silver. Once we have moved on to the precious metal, we continue retouching and working on the textures and finishes.

**In this silver pendant we have imagined the inside of a seahorse that transforms into coral. Or is it a coral that turns into a little horse? Everyone in our life undergoes a metamorphosis in order to grow and improve as people. We have designed this beautiful seahorse in a state of metamorphosis to remind you and protect you in the changes in your life that are eternal.

**At the request of a client, we have made an XL seahorse size. For people who like big pendants

*** MEASUREMENTS (always approximate measurements since each piece is made by hand and individually)
WIDTH: 30mm
Thickness: 3mm

** You can choose several finishes to have a more personal piece and closer to your tastes:
- All in silver with a shiny finish.
- Silver and rusty textures.
- Rose plated and rusty textures.
- Bronze
** THE PRICE IS ONLY THE PENDANT. We give it with a round smooth leather or with a 3mm diameter braided leather. It can be black or brown.
** We also have different cord models:
- Thicker black or brown Spanish braided leather.
- Silver chain of the tail of the mouse, rolo, or cable.
- Semi-rigid or rigid silver choker (in this case you can ask for a quote first since we make them to order)

**With whatever you want you can request a personalized shipment and we will be happy to inform you of price and availability

** We offer you all the possibilities so that you can design your pendant to your liking and be personalized and special for you.

** It is a perfect necklace model for a bride who loves nature and the sea and who likes to be original and unique. Perfect for brides with a chic and boho look. It can be an original pendant for a man with a casual and bohemian look.

**The sterling silver seahorse pendant, in addition to being a jewel, serves as a totemic amulet. It symbolizes patience, friendship, protection, generosity and knowing how to share with others. It also symbolizes high sensory perception and joy. It is the amulet of kind and generous people. A peculiarity of seahorses is that they are paired for life and it is the male who incubates the eggs and cares for the offspring. That is why it is a perfect gift to show your love to the person you love.

**And if you want to see our work process and how we prepare and design our jewelry, we would be very happy if you followed us through our pages on social networks. And thus be able to participate in a raffle for prizes and discount coupons, if you share our page with your friends. This helps us a lot to continue growing and to continue offering you new exclusive products made with all our love and effort:


* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Materials: Rose Gold,Silver
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