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Ravens of Odin silver cufflinks, skull cufflinks, gift for him, viking jewelry

Ravens of Odin silver cufflinks, skull cufflinks, gift for him, viking jewelry

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** Raven skull shirt cufflinks, Odin's ravens, made by hand in solid sterling silver. Two beautiful raven skulls Odin's ravens were called Hugin and Munin and they traveled around the world collecting news and information for Odin. Hugin is the "thought" and Munin is the "memory."
**We looked at the anatomy of the crow to create these fabulous cufflinks. We model in wax by hand and look for every detail and volume to create this incredible skull. It looks like they are alive! Then we work the silver and create textures and finishes that resemble bone. Amazing shirt cufflinks handcrafted in solid sterling silver in one piece to last a lifetime.

** For lovers of birds, mythology, Viking culture and the magic of Odin. And especially for all skull lovers.

**Due to its discreet size, it can be used by both women and men and in many different styles.

Length: 17.7mm
Width: 10.4mm.
length: 11mm
diameter: 10.4

- You can personalize the crow earrings to create an exclusive piece for you. Request a custom order:
ENGRAVING: engrave, for example, a rune on the skull for luck, or also on the back of the weight. It could be Hugin's or Munin's initials, or your initials, an important date... There are many possibilities.
NATURAL STONES: place a natural stone, for example a birthstone or your favorite color
Color bath: giving a gold, rose gold or black rhodium bath.
***Only for a small extra payment. Write to us first and tell us what your idea is and we will inform you about prices and availability and together we will design something exclusive for you!

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