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Bronze Skull Cufflinks, Gift for him, Cufflinks for men, Skull Cufflinks, Gothic Jewelry, Contemporary Jewelry

Bronze Skull Cufflinks, Gift for him, Cufflinks for men, Skull Cufflinks, Gothic Jewelry, Contemporary Jewelry

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Incredible bronze skull cufflinks made in our workshop in Madrid, Spain. The entire work process is artisanal; there is no 3D here. First we model the skull in wax very carefully, looking for a perfect proportion and paying attention to all the details of the human skull. Then we transfer it to the metal to then work on it, where we take care of the textures and finishes.
**Each of them is cast in one piece of solid bronze, including fittings, no rotating pins, no solder joints, no glue, no breakage. To last a lifetime.
**Each cufflink is hand oxidized and burnished to reveal all the fine details of these beautifully carved little skulls. In the photo you can see that they are oxidized black which contrasts very well with the bronze. But, if you prefer, we can do a green oxide finish. They can be amazing!
**Like almost all of our designs, these cufflinks can be worn by both women and men.
If you want to surprise on a night out or simply going to work, the Skull Cufflinks are perfect and will give a touch of originality to your outfit. For lovers of skulls, of life, for those who like the look of motorcycles, gothic or urban style. For all types of looks, this is an ideal accessory.

** If you want to stand out at your wedding or give a unique gift to the best man, these skull cufflinks are a sure hit!

**Approximate skull measurements:
Length: 17mm
Width: 11mm

** You can choose various finishes and materials: A matte or mirror gloss finish.
**You can also personalize them by adding some beautiful stones to the eyes: they can be natural or zircons. Tell us what you like best and we will inform you about prices and availability.

**The skull is a reminder that to live is to die and that the end comes to all living beings no matter what path is taken. It teaches us to live each day as if it were our last. For this reason it also symbolizes the immortality and eternity of the soul. That is why we think that it can be a very special gift for someone loved on these important dates where expressions of affection are so important.

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