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Fake Piercing, Septum Ring, Silver Nose Hoop, Octopus Tentacle, Ocean Jewelry, Boho Style

Fake Piercing, Septum Ring, Silver Nose Hoop, Octopus Tentacle, Ocean Jewelry, Boho Style

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**False septum in the shape of a ring that simulates the tentacle of an octopus. Handcrafted in solid 925 silver.
It does not require a hole in the nose since it is placed as if it were a small clamp that grips the nasal septum. You can gently open or close the opening of the ring to accommodate the thickness of your septum.

**Although you can also use it as an ear cuff for the ear cartilage since it grips in the same way.

**You have two types of finish to choose from:
1- with rusty textures to highlight the drawing and volume of the tentacle suction cups or
2.- silver combining matte and shiny texture

**Approximate measurements:
Approximate diameter of 13.5mm
Width: 5mm narrowing to 2.5mm at the ends

** The octopus is an animal that fascinates us, not only as a curious animal (it has three hearts, its ability to transform, they are intelligent,...) but also because of its symbology in different civilizations. The octopus due to its ability to transform , symbolizes the supernatural. Its ability to change color can represent inconstancy but also wisdom to adapt in life.

**Some Native Americans consider him an assistant spirit, and in Hawaiian mythology he represents the creator god, Kanaloa. It is a protective totem with incredible strength

**You will be able to see in our store that we have several models of jewelry with the octopus as the protagonist. And we want to continue working on new models for you.
***If you are also passionate about octopuses, we invite you to visit our store. We have rings, more models of earrings and a spectacular tie clip and, while you're at it, take a look at our little wonders.


****If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Materials: Sterling silver

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