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Bone cross pendant with solid sterling silver skull, Memento mori pendant, Realistic bones and skulls

Bone cross pendant with solid sterling silver skull, Memento mori pendant, Realistic bones and skulls

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New pendant from the skulls and bones collection.
Bone cross pendant with a skull in the center. Made 100% by hand in a realistic style, taking care of the anatomy and all the details of the bones and human skull.
Our work is 100% handmade. There are no designs with computers and 3D printers here. We model the prototype first in wax and then cast it in sterling silver to continue working the metal piece by piece until creating a unique piece of jewelry.
This bone crucifix pendant is perfect for rebellious souls who do not conform and who love to live to the fullest. Perfect for biker, rocker, urban and tattoo style looks, whimsical... or simply for a normal person who wants to have a rogue, elegant and modern touch in their clothing.

** APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS (our work is 100% handmade, so measurements may vary):
WIDTH: 31mm
HEIGHT: 8.4mm
INTERIOR OF THE HANDLE: 6x10mm (can be adapted to other measurements, write to us first)

**The bone cricifix pendant has a large, sturdy handle so you can put chains or thick cords on it.

***The price is only for the pendant, but we can offer you more options:

- Top quality black and brown BRAIDED LEATHER, 3 mm thick (there are thicker ones, we request and send photos and prices)

SILVER CHAINS: We have several models of thick chains that combine perfectly with our pirate skull pendant.
-Rolo Chain
forced diamond
- Aged chain: it looks spectacular to take any chain model and give it an oxidation treatment so that the silver remains dark.
The best thing is that you tell us which model you like and what chain size and we will send you photos of the models and prices.

Memento mori pendant, which reminds us that we are all going to die and how important it is to live life. Powerful talisman, protective pendant, small personal ossuary

You can request gold, rose gold and black rhodium plating or combine two colors: the silver skull and the gold-plated crown, for example.
We can also make your King Skull pendant in 14k gold and 18k gold.
We can put natural stones in the eyes and also on the crown of the head. Tell us which stones you would like and we will inform you of availability and prices
We can engrave a date, a word, initials or a drawing on the back of the skull that is special to you and that makes the skull unique.

This way you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusively for you. Write to us first! And we give you prices for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you.

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