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Sterling silver panther pendant, Panther totem, Feline pendant for men and women,

Sterling silver panther pendant, Panther totem, Feline pendant for men and women,

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**Handmade panther pendant in solid sterling silver. We are animal lovers and we wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful feline figure, observing and modeling its characteristics, the details of its face, first in wax. Strong and at the same time calm. All modeling work is handmade. There is nothing in 3D here! Just our eyes, our hearts and our hands, along with modeling tools designed and manufactured by us.
In this way the feline pendant has a soul. And that is what we try to reflect in this new collection of animal totems: the strength of the soul. Perfect for animal lovers or as a talisman and protective gift to a loved one, both men and women.

** FINISHES: The panther pendant has a soft oxidized finish to enhance the pattern of its fur. Although you can also order it with a silver or totally black finish, which is also spectacular

** APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS (they are always approximate since we make it by hand and each pendant is unique)
Head length: 20mm, with handle 29mm
Width: 16.5mm
Height: 12.20 mm.

This pendant comes with a simple round black Spanish leather cord with silver clasp. But we can offer you more options:

- High quality BRAIDED LEATHER in black and brown 3 mm and 4 mm thick (there are thicker ones, we order them and send you photos and prices).

SILVER CHAINS: We have several models of thick chains that combine perfectly with our hanging skull.
-Rolo Chain
- sailor chain
- Cable chain
- Mouse tail
- Aged chain: it is spectacular to take any chain model and give it an oxidation treatment so that the silver is dark.
***IMPORTANT: the price of the chains is up to 50 cm long. If you need more measurements, the price varies!
The best thing is that you tell us which model you like and what size you would like the chain to be and we will send you the prices and photos.

- You can personalize the panther pendant to create an exclusive piece for you. Simply request a custom order:

NATURAL STONES: we can put natural stones in the eyes. This is how it comes to life! You can choose emeralds, sapphires, rubies, topazes or also your birthstone.
Would you like Dinosquepiedra and we will inform you of stock and prices

METAL: we also work 14k and 18k yellow, pink and white gold. You can also vary the color with yellow, rose or black rhodium plating.

**So you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusive to you. Write us first! And we give you pricing for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you

The panther as a totem animal is a very powerful and protective presence. The panther is a symbol of courage, strength and power. The panther is also associated with the sun and solar vitality in some cultures (the pumas and jaguars of South and Central America).
The panther, the leopard, the puma and the jaguar can neutralize the dark side, they are a powerful totem that guides us in our inner being. And, above all, it is a totem with great strength, spiritual, physical and energetic.

* If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to help you.

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