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Solid sterling silver witch knot pendant with natural stone, Handmade pendant, Protective necklace, Silver pendant with amethyst

Solid sterling silver witch knot pendant with natural stone, Handmade pendant, Protective necklace, Silver pendant with amethyst

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Delicate and crafted witch's knot pendant, handmade in solid sterling silver, with hammered and oxidized textures and a natural stone in the center. In the photos you can see an amethyst

** APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS (our work is 100% handmade, so measurements may vary):

LENGTH: 40mm.
WIDTH: 3.5mm

The price is for the pendant only. It can be delivered with a simple round black Spanish leather cord with a silver clasp. But we can offer you more options:

- High quality BRAIDED LEATHER in black and brown, 3mm and 4mm thick (there are thicker ones, we order them and send you photos and prices).

SILVER CHAINS: We have several models of thick chains that combine perfectly with our hanging skull.
-Rolo chain
-square rolo chain
-Cable chain
- mouse tail
- Aged chain: it looks spectacular to take any chain model and give it an oxidation treatment so that the silver remains dark.
The best thing is that you tell us which model you like and what size you would like the chain to be and we will send you the prices in the photos.

The Witches' Knot is a legendary protection amulet, originally it is a Celtic symbol associated with magical ability, in witch themes it was associated with the creation of spells by knotting pieces of ribbons and cords.
In ancient times, binding spells were a protection (an individual was “tied” to prevent them from harming others) or an element for healing and good luck (untying knots to facilitate childbirth or resolve conflicts).
The Witches' Knot is an amulet loaded with deep mystical symbolism. The figure resembles a cross with four oval blades (similar to that of the triqueta or triskel), joined by a central rhombus and superimposed on a circle.
The four arms of the cross are linked to the main elements of Natural Magic: the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) and the four cardinal directions (North, South, East and West).
The circle that runs through the four points of the cross of the Witches' Knot reflects the cycle of the elements and the energetic link between all forms of life.
Likewise, the central rhombus refers to the Third Eye or Snake Nest, the center of wisdom and the awakening of consciousness. The image of the Witches' Knot also refers to elements of Sacred Geometry.
We have added a stone in the center to increase its power. Depending on which stone you choose, it will have a different power.

To begin, you must activate your knot yourself. No one else can do it for you because this talisman uses your energy. Now, to activate it, wait for a full moon night and place the talisman under a stream of running water to cleanse the bad energies. Once done, it must be left to dry on a white plate filled with black salt overnight. It is important that it is in a place where it receives moonlight. In the morning, you have to put it under running water again and you're done!
Now, you can put on your witch's knot (on the left side of your body, if possible) and enjoy the protection it provides. Additionally, you can do this ritual whenever you feel that you need to purify this amulet.

FINISH: You can choose between matte finish or glossy finish. We like to combine the two finishes.
METAL: We also work 10K, 14k and 18k gold. and plated with gold, rose gold or black rhodium.
If the stone you want is not on the list, write to us and we will inform you of possibilities and prices.
We can engrave a date, a word, some initials or a drawing on the back that is special to you and that makes the skull unique.

We can change the dimensions and shape.

This way you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusive to you. Write to us first! And we give you prices for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you.

** Remember that we offer you the possibility of shipping with EXPRESS SHIPPING. To access fast delivery, you must purchase the pendant by placing it in THE SHOPPING CART and you will be given options for delivery types. Write to us and we will inform you of prices and how to request express shipping.

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