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Handmade starfish pendant, Artistic bronze pendant and green or black patinas, Sea jewelry

Handmade starfish pendant, Artistic bronze pendant and green or black patinas, Sea jewelry

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** Beautiful and artistic starfish pendant handmade in bronze and with green patinas that evoke the tones of corals on the seabed

**Starfish do not have a skeleton. In this pendant we have imagined the interior of a starfish that transforms into coral. Or is it a coral that turns into a starfish? Everyone in our lives experiences a metamorphosis to grow and improve as people. We have designed this beautiful star in a state of metamorphosis to remind you and protect you in the changes in your life that are forever.

**Handmade bronze pendant. We can give different finishes and textures: green patina, black patina, rose gold plating, yellow gold plating.

** APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS (they are always approximate because our jewelry is handmade and each piece is unique)
HEIGHT: 51mm

**The price is for the pendant only. The star pendant can be delivered with several types of cords:
- Round leather various colors: 35, 40, 45, 50 cm
- Braided leather cord: 40cm, 45cm, 50cm
- Silver chain. up to 50cm (other measurements have a plus)
-Semi-rigid silver choker, 40 or 45cm
- PLEASE: write to us first to offer you models and prices of what you want to choose

In the photos you can see the star choker in silver and oxidized silver and in bronze
But you can also order a yellow gold, rose gold or black rhodium plating, or we can also make it in brass, white bronze and 10k, 14k and 18k gold
You could add a stone to add a touch of color, for example, your birthstone or your favorite color. Tell us which stone you would like and we will inform you of availability and prices
We can engrave a name or a date on the back of the star.
**You can also create a fantastic outfit with the starfish earrings and rings we have.
*** So you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusive to you. Write to us first! And we give you prices for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you

**Starfish symbolize good luck as they are a gift from the gods. According to Greek mythology, a young man in love with the city of Crete implored the sea god Poseidon for a gift to conquer his beloved. In response to this young man, Poseidon extinguished the stars from the sky and made them fall into the sea so that the young man would have a gift for his beloved. The meaning of the Starfish pendant is divine love. The starfish itself has always been used as a celestial symbol, because as a starfish, you can recover your limbs if you lose them, true love can also recover from any adverse situation.

** If you like the sea and want to combine your pendant with more marine models, we invite you to visit our collection of marine jewelry

** We give you all the possibilities to design your pendant to your liking and make it personalized and special for you

** It is a perfect necklace model for a bride who loves nature and the sea who likes to be original and unique. Perfect for brides with a chic and boho look.

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