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Demon Oni pendant from Japan in sterling silver and natural stones, Hannya mask necklace

Demon Oni pendant from Japan in sterling silver and natural stones, Hannya mask necklace

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To this beautiful Oni demon pendant, we have added some natural stones in the eyes. Now it looks like he's alive!
Onis are ancient representations of demon masks, belonging to Japanese culture and traditions. The Hannya mask (meaning wisdom) is said to be demonic and dangerous, but also painful and tormented, showing the complexity of human emotions. Oni demons are bad and good too. The only rule behind an Oni is to try to maintain it. happy, this way he will be good to you.

**The working process of the Oni pendant is completely manual. We don't use 3D printers here. What really makes a piece of jewelry unique and artistic is the craftsmanship. First we sculpt it in wax, taking care of all the details. We then cast it in silver and finally finish it by hand.

** METAL: Solid sterling silver. The back of the pendant is hollow, like masks, so that the pendant is not excessively heavy. But if you prefer, we can make a cover on the back. Write to us and we will give you a quote

We usually put high quality blue sapphires, rubies, black diamonds and white diamonds. But if you prefer another gem, or, for example, your birth color or your favorite color, you can contact us.
Tell us what stones you would like and we will inform you of availability and prices.
Although, if you prefer, you can also choose high-quality laboratory stones.

The finish is with a mirror shine and oxidized textures to enhance the drawings and volumes. But we also offer other possibilities: matte finish, silver black.

Approximate measurements (they are always approximate because our work is completely handmade and each piece is unique):
Length: 30mm.
Width: 20mm

The price is only for the pendant.
**We offer the Oni pendant with a round black leather cord and sterling silver clasps as a gift.
But you have other lacing options to choose from:
- High quality brown and black Spanish braided leather 3 4 cm thick
- Silver mouse tail chain
- Rolo silver chain of various thicknesses.
- Thick silver cable chain
* Write to us first and we will inform you of the possibilities and prices of each chain model. It is important that you also tell us the length of the rope you want.


We can offer you other metals: bronze, 14k gold and 18k gold.
You can also customize it with different plating: gold, rose gold, ruthenium... or also combine two colors to give a unique look to your Hannia mask

We can engrave a date, a word, some initials or a drawing on the back of the pendant that is special to you and that makes the skull unique.

We can change the dimensions and shape.175.00

So you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusive to you. Write to us first! And we give you prices for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you.

** Remember that we offer you the possibility of shipping with EXPRESS SHIPPING. To access express delivery, you must purchase the pendant by placing it in THE CART and you will be given options for delivery types. Write to us and we will inform you of prices and how to request express shipping.

** We recommend you visit our shipping policies
* If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to help you.

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