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Large Gold Human Skull Pendant, 18k Gold Full Human Skull, Memento Mori Pendant, Unique Skull Gift

Large Gold Human Skull Pendant, 18k Gold Full Human Skull, Memento Mori Pendant, Unique Skull Gift

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Spectacular full human skull pendant in 10k, 14k or 18k gold
This new skull is carefully modeled, taking care of the proportions and textures of a real human skull, and in gold it is even more spectacular! This new skull bigger than the previous one and more detailed. We always try to outdo ourselves with every new skull we make.

** We design the skull pendant so that the chain or leather goes through the skull. The weight is perfectly balanced. The carefully considered location for the hole allows the skull to hang perfectly.

** APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS (our work is 100% handmade, so the measurements may vary and each skull we make is unique):

LENGTH: The length of the skull is 25 mm.
WIDTH: 16mm
HOLE DIAMETER: 7mm (can be made bigger or smaller if needed)
- 18K gold: 19/20 grams
- 14k gold: 17/18 grams
- 10k gold: 15/16 grams
The price is for the pendant only. If you wish, we can deliver it with a round black Spanish leather cord with a gold-plated silver clasp.

But we can offer you other options:
- High quality BRAIDED LEATHER in black and brown, 3mm and 4mm thick (there are other thicker ones, we will ask for them and we will send you photos and prices).
SILVER CHAINS bathed in gold and also in oxidized silver. The combination of oxidized silver with gold is great!: We have several models of chains that combine perfectly with our skull pendant.
-Rolls of chain
- cable chain
- Mouse tail
- Aged chain: it is spectacular to take any model of chain and give it an oxidation treatment to darken the silver.
Best to tell us what type of chain you like and how long you want the chain to be and we will send you prices and photos.

**FINISH: You can choose between a matte finish or a glossy finish. We like to combine the two finishes, thus better enhancing the volumes and textures of the skull.

** The skull is a reminder that to live is to die and that all living things come to an end, no matter what path they take. It teaches us to live each day as if it were the last. For this very reason, it also symbolizes the immortality and eternity of the soul. We believe that it can be a very special gift for someone who is loved and who has overcome a difficult time in their life. This wonderful skull will remind you how beautiful life is! Perfect for rebellious souls who don't settle and love to live to the fullest!


METAL: We also work with rose and white gold, silver and bronze. and gold, rose gold or black rhodium plating. We can give it a black rhodium plating or a patina to produce an oxidized effect and emphasize the volumes of the skull.

Some eye stones make your skull come to life!
We typically set high-quality blue sapphires, rubies, black diamonds, and white diamonds. But if you prefer another gem, or, for example, your birth color or your favorite color, you can consult us
Tell us which stones you would like and we will inform you of availability and prices.

We can engrave a date, word, initials or drawing on the back of the skull that is special to you and makes the skull unique.

We can change the dimensions and shape.

So you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusively for you. Write us first! And we give you prices for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you.

*** INSTALLMENT PAYMENT: For purchases over $200, installment payment is accepted. We want to give you facilities for your purchases. And what's more, this can help you pay less tax at Customs. As? You just need to activate a custom order. We will make a custom order for each payment term. With the last payment we will send you the pendant.

-There may be charges in the Customs of your country. Find out first at your Customs office

* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Material: Gold
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