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Tiny skull pendant in 10k, 14k and 18k gold with natural stones

Tiny skull pendant in 10k, 14k and 18k gold with natural stones

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** Tiny full skull pendant handmade in 14k gold and also 18k. Tiny complete skull but elaborated with the same detail as a large one. All modeling work is completely manual. There are no computers or 3D printers. Delicate and meticulous work done on this beautiful small pendant.

** APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS (they are approximate because it is handmade and the measurements may vary slightly):
- Long skull without handle: 6.5 mm
- Width: 4.4mm
**HANDLE: you can choose between single handle or double handle. Do you have an example photo?
** FINISH: you can choose a matte or glossy finish
Black diamonds: brilliant cut, 1.4 mm in diameter.
You can choose between blue sapphires, rubies or white diamonds.
If you want another stone you can contact us and we will inform you of availability and prices

** Price is for the pendant only.
** NECKLACE-We can offer you:
- leather lace
- gold-plated chains
- 18k gold chain: if you want your skull with an 18k gold chain, the price varies depending on the model, weight and length of the chain.
IMPORTANT: Write us first and we will inform you about models and prices.

** MATERIAL: We can make the skull pendant in yellow, pink, white or black rhodium plated gold. Both in 14k and 18k gold

** Write us to ask us all your questions. We will be happy to help you!

** This cute skull is perfect for a gift of love and friendship on any occasion. And it is perfect for women and men. And also for children! It can be a very special gift at the beginning of the year and for lovers of skulls.
All our skulls combine very well with each other, and we will also give you a special price for the set. A unique and special gift!!

So you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusively for you. Write us first! And we give you prices for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you.

*** INSTALLMENT PAYMENT: For purchases over $200, installment payment is accepted. We want to give you facilities for your purchases. And what's more, this can help you pay less tax at Customs. As? You just need to activate a custom order. We will make a custom order for each payment term. With the last payment we will send you the pendant.

* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Material: Gold
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