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Tiny skull earrings in sterling silver for men and women

Tiny skull earrings in sterling silver for men and women

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** We are very proud of our new tiny skull hoop earrings. They are very small (only 6mm by 4mm in size!), but have the same detail as a large one. All modeling work is completely manual. There are no computers or 3D printers. Delicate and meticulous work

** Due to their small size, they work for the second or third ear hole if you like to wear several earrings in the same ear

** MEASUREMENTS: the measurements are approximate since each jewel is handmade and unique.

- Skull size
Length: 6mm/0.23inch
Width: 4mm/1.16 inch
- Size of the hoop. You have three sizes:
12mm /0.47 inches (the ones you see in the photos), 15mm/0.59 inches and 20mm/0.79 inches

COLOR: You can choose gold plated, rose gold, and black rhodium
We also work 14K and 18K gold
GEMS: You can choose between high-quality sapphires, rubies, and black and white diamonds. But if you want another stone, write us first and we will inform you of availability and prices.

** This cute skull is perfect for a gift of love and friendship on Valentine's Day or any other day. And it is perfect for men and women. They can be a most original complement for your wedding day

** Gothic, punk and urban style earrings, due to their small size they are very elegant and sophisticated in any type of look and to be used in any situation.


* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Materials: Stone,Silver
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