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Octopus tentacles ring in 18k, 14k or 10k solid gold, Tentacles adjustable ring, Sea Jewelry

Octopus tentacles ring in 18k, 14k or 10k solid gold, Tentacles adjustable ring, Sea Jewelry

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** Handmade octopus tentacle ring in 10k, 14k or 18k solid gold with textures. An adjustable ring of three octopus tentacles that lovingly wrap around your finger to make it fit better. The tentacle suckers are handmade and carved one by one.

** The octopus, due to its transformation capacity, symbolizes the supernatural. Its ability to change color can represent inconstancy. Some Native Americans consider it a helping spirit, and in Hawaiian mythology it represents the creator god, Kanaloa.

APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS: They are always approximate because our pieces of jewelry are handmade and unique.
Height measurement of the three tentacles: 15.30mm
Bridge Width: 3.5mm

** Prices may vary depending on the model and size of the ring. The ring is adjustable so that you can adapt it to any finger, always opening or closing it carefully and without forcing it, as the ring can become deformed or split.

** If you do not know how to calculate the size, in the following link we help you to know the size of your finger

** METAL: This ring is made of solid 18k gold. Other metals are also available upon request: 14k yellow gold, 18k and 14k white gold, 18k and 14k rose gold. You can also find this same model in sterling silver in the store Write me because I will give you the price or answer any doubt.

If you want to change or add something to make a custom ring, we will be happy to help you create a unique ring for you. You have multiple options:
STONES: You can put some natural stones on the suction cups. Or a bigger one between tentacles.
For example, your birthstone or your favorite color.

ENGRAVING: you can engrave inside the ring, a date, a name or a short phrase that is special for you

SHAPE: we can vary the shape, add or remove tentacles, or remove a little thickness to adjust the weight and price.

** You can also create a set with other octopus models that we have or combine it with other jewels alluding to the sea. In the following links you can see our collection of sea jewels:

So you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusively for you. Write us first! And we give you prices for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you.

PAYMENT IN INSTALLMENTS: payment in installments is accepted for purchases of more than $200. We want to give you facilities for your purchases. As? You just need to request a custom order. We will make a custom order for each payment term. With the last payment we will send the part by expedited shipping. Up to 4 installments, depending on the amount

SHIPPING: we ship with DHL Express to almost all destinations

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* If you have any questions, feel free to write to us. We will be happy to help you.

Materials: Gold,Rose Gold,White Gold
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