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Coral silver solitaire ring, Sea jewelry, Handmade ring

Coral silver solitaire ring, Sea jewelry, Handmade ring

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** Coral solitaire ring handcrafted in 925 silver, following the whimsical shapes of corals and set with a cabochon-shaped stone.

**Corals, sometimes known as the gardens of the sea. On one hand, it represents the earthly and mundane, while on the other hand, it symbolizes the unknown and mystical depth of the waters. For the ancient Greeks, coral was the result of the blood spilled by the fantastic monster of the Gorgonian Medusa, when it was killed by Perseus. The bright red color of the corals also related it to blood and blood energy, that is, life. In ancient times, coral was believed to have healing powers.

**You can choose other stone colors or also natural stones. And with it make a more personalized design. Write to us and tell us which stone you would like and we will inform you of availability and costs

***IMPORTANT NOTE: We use the American Ring Size Scale. In the images you have a table of equivalences

**IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU WRITE US TO GIVE US YOUR FINGER SIZE. PRICES MAY VARY DEPENDING ON SIZE. The ring size can be adjusted to suit your preferences. If you don't know it in the following link, we help you to know the size of your finger:

**You can choose two finishes: silver and oxidized silver

**You can combine it with our Arrecife choker. and with our beautiful coral reef climbing earrings it would be a spectacular set!! You would look like a goddess of the depths of the sea! It can be very elegant with an evening dress, but maintaining a warm and beachy look.

Material: Silver

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