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Signet ring with cat skull in sterling silver

Signet ring with cat skull in sterling silver

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** Handmade skull ring in solid 925 silver with embossed cat skull. This ring is a variation of the first model we made of the skull seal. It is more robust than the previous one and, on the outside, we have created grated textures that remind us of the skin of an animal or also the bark of some trees. It is a rustic ring, with a tough style for cool men.

**The skull is a reminder that to live is to die and that all living things reach the end no matter what path they take. It teaches us to live each day as if it were our last. For this reason it also symbolizes the immortality and eternity of the soul.

***This ring is made completely by hand. First, a wax carving was done manually, without machines or 3D printers. Beauty is in the imperfection of the human hand. He has then worked directly on the metal (sterling silver) to achieve different finishes and textures. It is made in our workshop in Madrid, Spain. It is perfect for men and women. The size can be adjusted to your preferences.
A great gift for animal lovers and especially cat lovers, like us.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: We use the American ring size scale. In the images you have a table of equivalences

***If you don't know it in the following link, we help you know your finger size:

TEXTURE: you can choose a smooth or grated texture
** You can choose two finishes: silver and oxidized silver

** If you want to personalize your ring, we can also design another seal that is not a skull: a symbol, an amulet, an animal totem... so you can create an exclusive piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one. Even this signet ring has been custom made as wedding rings.
MATERIAL: we can mix two metals or make a gold, rose gold or black rhodium plating. We also work with 14k gold and 18k gold
STONES: you can put some stones in the eyes. For example, the stone or color of your birth.
ENGRAVING: we can engrave whatever you want on the inside of the ring or also on the outside
STAMP: in this case we have made the skull of a cat, but you can choose another animal that represents you: a wolf, a crow, a bear... What is the animal that represents you?

As you can see; There are many possibilities to make a unique and special ring for you.
** Write to us first for a personalized order saying what you like and we will inform you of possibilities and prices.

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