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Starfish silver ring, Five-pointed star ring, Sea jewelry, Handmade ring, Boho style, Unisex jewelry

Starfish silver ring, Five-pointed star ring, Sea jewelry, Handmade ring, Boho style, Unisex jewelry

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925 silver ring Starfish handcrafted in our workshop in Madrid, Spain. Like most of our jewelry, it is a ring that can be worn by both women and men.

** In this starfish ring we have applied a texture designed by us in which we make different small perforations in a continuous and regular way with which we obtain a unique texture and shine and that is a special feature in all our star designs of sea.

**We are lovers of nature and the sea and especially of the wonderful starfish that have such good vibrations. So we don't get tired of creating new models for you.

** They symbolize good luck as they are a gift from the gods. According to Greek mythology, a young man in love with the city of Crete implored the god of the sea Poseidon, a gift to conquer his beloved. In response to this young man, Poseidon extinguished the stars from the firmament and made them fall into the sea so that the young man would have a gift for his lover. The meaning of the Starfish charm is divine love. The starfish itself has always been used as a celestial symbol, since as a starfish, it can recover its limbs if it loses them, true love can also recover from any adverse situation. For this reason, we think it is ideal to give a starfish as a gift.

** Sterling silver ring with three finishes: silver, oxidized and gold finish

** If you are going to buy this ring, please remember to tell us your finger size. If you don't know your finger size in the following link, you can learn how to do it:


***The starfish ring has a unisex, beachy look. You can combine them with our starfish pendants and earrings. We have several designs that are sure to excite you.
* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Materials: Gold,Rose Gold,Silver
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