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Celtic Spiral Silver Ring Boho Style, Rounded Signet Ring for Men and Women, Handmade Ring

Celtic Spiral Silver Ring Boho Style, Rounded Signet Ring for Men and Women, Handmade Ring

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** This signet ring with engraved Celtic spiral is made in our workshop in Madrid, Spain. It is perfect for men and women. The size can be adjusted to suit your preferences.
** Handmade ring where we have carved a primitive spiral as a seal. A ring designed for comfort and everyday wear.

** The simple spiral is one of the oldest symbols of humanity and appears in all civilizations with different meanings. In Celtic and Viking culture, it symbolizes growth, life force, reincarnation and the representation of time.
It also represents the sun and stars and their harmony with the earth. That is why it is one of the most widespread forms in nature.
**The spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolutionary journey in life. When worn as a personal talisman, the spiral helps to consciously accept the twists and turns of life as it evolves.
That's why we think it can be a very special gift for lovers of Celtic or Viking culture and also serves as a protective ring.

*Approximate measurements (they are always approximate because it is a handmade ring)
Seal diameter: 20.20mm
Height: 4.5mm
Bridge width (varies depending on size): narrows from 8mm to 3.5mm approximately

*** You can choose several finishes: matte finish, mirror shine or also with textures

** SIZES: We make all sizes.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: We use the American ring size scale. In the images you have a table of equivalences

The price of the ring is up to size US 13. But if you need a larger ring size we can make it for you. Write to us first and we will inform you of prices.

***If you don't know in the following link, we help you know your finger size:

If you would like to change or add something to make a personalized ring, we will be happy to help you create a unique ring for you or someone special. You have multiple options:
-Polished mirror shine and oxidized finish to mark volumes.
- But if you prefer to shade or texture, write to us and we will do it to your liking.

-**METAL: I made this ring in sterling silver. Other metals are also available upon request: 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold. Or we can also plate it in yellow, rose or black rhodium. Write to me because I will give you the price or answer any questions.

-**STONES: you can add stones, for example in the center of the spiral. Tell us what stone or color you would like and we will inform you of possibilities and prices

-**DIMENSIONS: I can change the measurements of this ring: increase or decrease the width and thickness. Write me if you want to change the width or thickness of this ring. I will also do a calculation for you.

-**ENGRAVING: I can do a hand engraving on this ring at your request. Write to me to discuss all ideas and questions about engraving.

***So you choose a jewel to your liking and exclusive to you. Write us first! And we give you pricing for a custom order! We will be happy to answer you

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