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Solid 925 silver panther ring, Panther totem ring, Silver puma ring

Solid 925 silver panther ring, Panther totem ring, Silver puma ring

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**Wonderful panther ring handcrafted in solid sterling silver. We are animal lovers and we wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful big cat, first observing and modeling in wax its features, its intense gaze. Strong and at the same time calm. All the modeling work is artisanal. There is nothing in 3D here. Just our eyes, our hearts and our hands, along with modeling tools designed and manufactured by us. In this way the ring has a soul. And that is what we try to reflect in this new collection of animal totems: the strength of the soul.
**The animal group of panthers includes the leopard, the jaguar and the puma. They all form the same group that is differentiated from other felines by the way they roar, and they live in Africa (leopards and panthers), Asia (white leopards and panthers) and America (cougars and jaguars).
**We have carefully measured the weight and design of the panther ring so that it is very comfortable to put on and can be worn every day.
**The panther ring has a soft oxidized finish to enhance the entire pattern of the fur and features. Although you can also order it with a silver or completely black silver finish, which is also spectacular.
**You can customize it by including two stones in the eyes to give it a more penetrating look and thus create an exclusive piece for you or your loved ones.
**This ring is not only a beautiful ring to wear, but it is a powerful totem.

The panther as a totem animal is a very powerful and protective presence. The panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power. The panther is also associated with the sun, and solar vitality in some cultures (Pumas and jaguars of South America, and Central America).
The panther, leopard, puma and jaguar are capable of neutralizing the dark side, they are a powerful totem to guide us in our inner being. And above all it is a totem with great strength, spiritual, physical and energetic.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: We use the American ring size scale. In the images you have a table of equivalences

**If you need to know your finger size, please go to the following link:

**If you have any questions, PLEASE write to us and ask us any questions you may have so we can provide you with the best service possible

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