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Skull Ring Solid 925 Silver, Skull Ring inspired by Keith Richards, Biker Ring, Handmade, Memento Mori

Skull Ring Solid 925 Silver, Skull Ring inspired by Keith Richards, Biker Ring, Handmade, Memento Mori

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**Skull ring handmade in solid sterling silver, with truly high-end details. Inspired by the skull ring worn by Keith Richards in the 70s and which was a symbol for an entire generation, but we gave it our personal touch. If you have an explicit taste for precision skull jewelry, this is just for you. At the request of our customers and because we love skulls, we continue to grow our family of skulls.

***This ring is made entirely by hand. First of all, a wax carving was done manually, without machines or 3D printers. Beauty is in the imperfection of the human hand. Then he has worked directly in metal (925 silver) to achieve different finishes and textures.

**As with all of our parts, our main concern is ease of use. In this case, we have calibrated the bridge very well along with the skull to make it a comfortable ring to wear every day. This way your skull can always accompany you everywhere. You will hardly feel that you are wearing it.
** This robust skull ring has an approximate weight of between 30 and 32 g that varies depending on the size of the finger.

Face width: 23mm

** You can choose two finishes: matte or gloss (you can see the result in the photos)
The ring in the images is made of 925 sterling silver, but can also be made with 14K or 18K gold, yellow or white gold. In this case, I advise you to contact me so we can see the exact price of your ring.

** As it is a ring made by us, we can create the finish you prefer so you can have an exclusive and personal piece. If you want to etch something or give it a rougher texture, put stones in its eyes,... We just looked at it and talked about the possibilities and prices. Personally I think this type of ring is supposed to show a little about the life of its owner, but its excellent finish has a lifetime guarantee.
The skull rings have a "powerful" image. As simple as a look, if you add one or better a couple of rings of this style, you will get a more rock, punk or "cool" image depending on your personality. But did you know that rings have a different meaning depending on the finger they are placed on? Curious, right?
**The skull is a reminder that to live is to die and that all living things come to the end, regardless of the path they take. It teaches us to live each day as if it were our last. For this same reason, it also symbolizes the immortality and eternity of the soul.

This model skull ring can have from size 7 US. up to 16US

***IMPORTANT NOTE: We use the American ring size scale. In the images you have a table of equivalences

** If you need to know the size of your finger, we help you find it with the following link:

* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Materials: Silver

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