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Solid silver ax pendant, Thor's ax pendant modern style, Changó pendant, Men's talisman pendant, Valentine's Day gift

Solid silver ax pendant, Thor's ax pendant modern style, Changó pendant, Men's talisman pendant, Valentine's Day gift

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Ax pendant made by hand in sterling silver with a mirror shine finish. The handle is integrated into the pendant itself so that the chain or cord goes through the pendant, giving it a modern and elegant character.
Modern representation of the ax of the Viking God Thor, or also the representation of the God Chango of the Yoruba religion.
In both cases it is a powerful talisman for men, representing manly strength, justice, masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth.
We wanted to make an ax pendant with a more modern and minimalist style, so that it can be worn on any occasion and with any style. That is why we see it as a perfect gift at any time and very suitable for Valentine's Day.

** MEASUREMENTS: Measurements are always approximate since each pendant is made by hand and is unique
LENGTH: 23mm
WIDTH: the widest part measures 20mm
THICKNESS: the average thickness is about 3mm

We can do the finish you want:
Gloss (as in the photos)
hammered textures

-The pendant is sold alone or with a silver chain. In the photos there are two chain models, but we have more models. Write us first and we will inform you of possibilities and prices
-Remember to tell us first the chain length you want. The prices may vary
IMPORTANT!: If you are going to use your own chain, it is very important that you first check if it will fit through the hole in the pendant, which is only 2.6mm in diameter

***CUSTOM ORDER: You can personalize your ax pendant to make it unique and special to you by requesting a custom order

STONES: we can put a small natural stone in one corner of the pendant, such as a diamond, ruby ​​or sapphire. It can be the birthstone or your favorite color.
ENGRAVING: we could also engrave a drawing or a name
MATERIAL: we can make your pendant in 18k and 14k yellow gold, rose gold and white gold
COLOUR: we can also plate in yellow gold, rose gold and black rhodium and play with two colors
As you will see, there are many possibilities to personalize your pendant. Write us with your tastes and ideas and we will make them come true! We will be happy to inform you and make you a budget for your personalized pendant

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* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Material: Silver
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